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Classification of trading strategies
Classification of trading strategies

By trading duration:

    short-term strategies (intraday forex daily strategy). In this case, the positions close during the trading day, and sometimes, within a few seconds (Forex strategy scalping).
    medium-term strategies - the position in this case is able to hold for up to several days / weeks.
    long-term strategies - a "live" position from one week to several months.

By the degree of risk:
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    conservative (minimal risk vehicles);

By type of indicators or graphical models (pattern):
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    Simple or non-indicator;
    Vehicles with graphic models or patterns;
    TCs based on the variables of average MA (including the popular simple strategy Forex Moving Average MA);
    Vehicles based on Japanese candles;
    Based on Bollinger Stripes;
    Fibonacci Forex Strategy;
    TC based on other indicators.

By trading volumes:

    Vehicles using the Martingale technique;
    Vehicles that do not use methods of increasing the lot.
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By trading methods:

    Manual vehicles;
    Semi-automatic (trader uses scripts, combining automatic trading with manual trading);
    automatic (all trade takes over the robot advisor).

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